About Ground Up Athletics | Houston, Texas

Ground Up Athletics is a Houston, Texas: locally owned, unique retail experience fusing medical, fitness, and athletic fashion knowledge and products. We provide professionally fit athletic shoes, prefabricated arch supports, custom molded arch supports, athletic apparel, and high performance socks to individuals of all activity level.

At Ground Up Athletics our staff of highly trained orthopedic consultants, lead by our Medical Director, Ken Sly strive to provide every customer with a complete care approach to their foot and ankle needs.

Ken Sly, a previously Board Certified Pedorthist and Certified Personal Trainer, has 18 years of experience as a foot and ankle practitioner in the Houston area specializing in lower limb orthotic management and gait analysis.

Brandon Cook, C Ped, has 25 years experience as a Board Certified Pedorthist.  Mr. Cook has worked within the Orthotic and Prosthetic industry. He has specific experience in gait analysis and has worked extensively with amputees.  Mr. Cook will function and Medical Director for Ground Up Athletics. As the Managing Partner of Ground Up Athletics, Mr. Cook works with our staff to train them efficiently to be able to assess our customers both on a walk in basis or by appointment to fit each customer with appropriate arch supports and footwear.

Our extensive selection of athletic shoes includes running and cross training, such as Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Asics, and more. We also have shoes designed for various sports, crossfit, and trail running, as well as high performance socks and compression garments from top brands like, Balega, FEETURES!, and Zensah.

Unlike any other retail store in the Houston area, Ground Up Athletics offers medical grade custom molded arch supports. Custom molded arch supports provide structural support, shock absorption, and decrease fatigue. They may be beneficial to customers suffering from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bunions, neuroma, pronation/supination, metatarsalgia, ACL/MCL reconstruction, chondromalacia, all types of muscular imbalances, or general foot pain.

At Ground Up Athletics our goal is to build performance from the ground up! We strive to provide each customer, regardless of fitness or activity level, with appropriate footwear and arch supports specific to your individual needs so that every customer of Ground Up Athletics can live a more comfortable and active life.