We recently received our first shipment of Zoot Running Shoes at Ground Up Athletics. Zoot shoes are well known as a triathlon shoe, but I was interested to try them for both everyday activities as well as running a triathlon.  I do Olympic tris, which for those of you not familiar, is a 1.5 kilometer swim, followed by a 40km bike ride, and then a 10km run.  I also do shorter runs, like a 5k.  I hope to one day do an Ironman (but then again, maybe not!)

What I liked:  I wore the Zoot Ultra Kalani for my most recent 5k and they had great energy return. They were comfortable but did not have too much padding to the point that they felt squishy (yes, squishy is a medical term!).  Their “quick lace” system is a great feature for running because the laces don’t come untied.

What I didn’t like:  Overall, not much!  The lacing style could be a double edged sword.  If you have back problems or limited range of motion of the hip they may be difficult to put on.

We are very excited to offer Zoot Running shoes at Ground Up Athletics!

-Ken Sly