Experience and Training

Our staff’s unique credentials make them some of the most skilled at custom designing these devices to precisely control function and resolve your problem. Ground UP Athletics is committed improving the athletes performance “from the ground up”. We have over 20 years of experience in custom insole management, fabrication and sports performance.

Comfort Guarantee

We guarantee that your inserts will be comfortable. If for any reason they are not, let us know so that we can fix the problem.

Troubleshooting Ability

You are likely to have much better success with arch supports from Ground Up because of our ability to adjust and troubleshoot arch supports. A majority of the time arch supports can be worn just as they are without adjustment. Sometimes, however, arch supports need to be adjusted to improve function, comfort or fit. The Ground Up Athletics staff is extremely skilled in adjusting arch supports so that they provide you with the best possible outcome. It is one of the reasons we offer our 100% guarantee of comfort.

Adjustments Performed Onsite

Over 90% of the adjustments we do can be done in our mobile lab. Less than 10% of the time do arch supports need to be sent back to the lab for adjustment.

Casting by our Specialist

The position in which the foot is held while it is cast is absolutely critical to insole performance. Our staff is trained on the proper methods and have strict guidelines to follow to insure the proper fit.

The Best Materials

There are many different insole manufacturers and the quality between them varies widely. We only use the highest quality lab & materials in order to ensure that your inserts match your feet exactly and perform to our highest standards.

Local Fabrication

Ground Up Athletics fabricates all custom product in-house. Not only are our arch supports made in America, they are also made in Houston!