Ground Up Athletics is the real deal!

Corey M.


These orthotics really changed my quality of life

I suffer from a neurological condition which makes it hard for me to walk and function. These orthotics really changed my quality of life.

Curt C

Suffers with Neurological Condition

In training for the Mrs. Texas 2016 pageant

In training for the Mrs. Texas 2016 pageant, my workouts are daily and very intense. I began to experience low back pain, and my chiropractor mentioned that I might need better workout shoes. I visited Ground Up Athletics, and after a only a few minutes of discussing my issue, Ken was able to recommend a shoe and custom orthotics. The pain was gone almost immediately, and I’ve been training hard ever since. I absolutely love my orthotics and the professional service from Ground Up Athletics!

Trish J

Mrs. Texas 2016 Pageant Contestant

Love Buying Running Shoes at GU!

I love buying new running shoes at Ground Up! The staff is extremely friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I’ve bought my last two pairs of running shoes here and have been really happy with both– the salesman was able to help me pick out a shoe that would fit my needs. They have great service, and their prices are actually comparable to other stores and online… love this place!



Raving Fan

I’ve been in the market for new ‘walking’ shoes and was not pleased with a recent visit to another specialized store in the NW Houston area. My son and I found your store while visiting the Cars and Coffee and were EXTREMELY satisfied with Ground UP. Customer service has to be spot on for me to make a purchase, and I am already planning the 30 minute drive back to your store for the rest of the family. Thanks for working so hard to create a sports utopia! Sincerely, a raving fan.



Thank You for the Fundraising Program for Jacob

Thank you for a fun night! We so appreciate all you are doing for our family and we love the shirts! We wish you tons of success with your business, it’s such a neat concept with all you are doing between the orthotics and custom fittings. I hope to come to one of your Saturday classes one day. Hope to visit again soon!


Fundraising Program

I ONLY Refer my Patients to Ground Up

Ken Sly and his team at Ground Up Athletics have been exceptional!! A foot injury in 2011, caused me to have foot pain during every step I took for over one year. As a runner and triathlete, this injury was devastating to me. Ken and his team worked with my specific needs and goals and were able to design custom orthotics for me. The orthotics assisted in diminishing my foot pain and gave me hope and motivation to begin running again. Thanks to my custom orthotics and running shoes, I recently completed my first half Ironman and was able to beat my goal time!

The staff has not only been dedicated to my goals, but to my patient’s goals as well. I am a physical therapist and have referred several patients to Ground Up Athletics for custom orthotics and athletic shoes. They are willing to work with every patient and modify each orthotic and shoe depending on their need. They have exemplified excellent customer service that has exceeded expectations of all my patients. I am very particular with where I refer my patients and I plan to continue referring patients to Ground Up Athletics!


Physical Therapist and Ironman Athlete

Shin and Ankle Problems Solved with Custom Arch Supports!

I am an avid runner, a triathlete, and an ultra-marathoner.

I used to have so many shin and ankle problems that I thought about giving up on running. After being referred by an orthopedic surgeon, the owner of Ground Up made me a pair of awesome custom molded arch supports. My ankle problem gradually went away. My running is good again. I podiumed at the Houston Triathlon. I also won my age group at a 50K trail run. I love these arch supports so much that I had 2nd and 3rd pairs made.

In December these babies will accommodate me to my first Ironman race. Thanks Ground Up.


Avid runner, Triathlete, and Ultra-Marathoner

You’ve Earned a Customer for Life

Today I made my first visit to your store with the intention of possibly purchasing a new pair of running shoes and getting some information about custom insoles and wanted to share some about my experience with you and any of your upper level managers and owners who might be interested.

Personally, I’ve been a long distance runner for over 10 years and consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in most things running. I coached marathons in Fort Worth and Dallas after years of running marathons while in college, so I am no stranger to running shoes and specialty running stores. Having dozens of marathons, ultra-marathons, and Ironman distance triathlons under my belt, I’ve gone through just about every shoe on the market and had about every injury one could imagine. I’ve also seen about every gimmick there is and had numerous sales pitches from people who had no idea what they were talking about. In fact, often times when I go to stores like yours, I won’t mention anything about my athletic background to any of the staff so I can have a little fun quizzing them to see if they really know what they’re talking about.

Never can I recall a time I was treated in a way, good or bad, at any business that promoted me to have any desire to spend my spare time to contact management or the owners regarding the service provided by their staff. Right now I work in the Texas Medical Center in Houston and train quite a bit, so spare time for contacting businesses about their performance is not something I have much of, but I thought I’d use some of my spare time today to thank you for opening your store in Houston and inform you of how extremely impressed I was with your staff who helped me today. Not just their friendly demeanor and making everyone who walked into the store feel welcome, but their sheer level of knowledge regarding running and all things related to running shoes and running injuries is what really blew my mind.

When I first arrived I was helped by Megan. I was very impressed with her level of expertise in not only the selection of shoes available for my type of running style and my type of feet, but that she was able to read this off me by the way I walked when I came into the store before I even asked for help. Once I did ask for help, she spent more than adequate time letting me try on several shoes and insoles, as well as provided very detailed and accurate information regarding the different types of insoles available…I’ve tried almost every kind except custom insoles, though I had a pair of custom hard plastic insoles as a kid. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and unlike my experiences at many other specialty running stores, was in no way pushy in terms of trying to deliver a sales pitch. Any question I had, she knew the answer to without hesitation and provided several options. In ended up purchasing a pair of Brooks Beast and I also ordered custom insoles.

After that, Erik assisted me with preparing my foot molds for custom insoles. Just like the help I received from Megan, Erik was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. There was no question I could ask that he did not know the answer to. He provided very useful information regarding the process of how the molds were made on an impressively detailed level. He also gave me a very clear explanation regarding the process of picking up the insoles, how I can come in as often as I need for adjustments, and how to best care for my new insoles to ensure a long life and optimal performance.
In conclusion, I’d like to say congratulations to you all on opening a wonderful locally owned and operated running store in Houston and to say thank you to the rest of Ground Up Athletics and your staff, especially Megan and Erik who, from a customer’s perspective, are truly assets to your business. I’m very much looking forward to picking up my insoles and coming back for all of my future running needs. I hope to see Ground Up host weekly group runs and social runs in the future, in additions to more events with guest lectures, as I saw on your website you have had in the past. I will also be highly recommending your business to all of my runner and triathlete friends, as well as my clients who I coach on the side. You’ve earned a customer for life today.


Long Distance Runner

Your Orthotics Saved Me!

For years I have run half marathons and always ran and trained in the Nike Free running shoe. I would always have IT band and knee issues in my right knee that would be painful and need to be rehabbed. I started running long distance again and out of habit, I ran in the Nike Frees. I hobbled home and then I remembered the orthotics from Ground Up and Salomon XR running shoes that I wear at work. I ran in them tonight and had zero pain. I am beyond impressed and can’t thank you enough. Your orthotics saved me!!


Half Marathon Runner

Ground Up Custom Orthotics = Great product!

I am a college soccer player who has tried on every single pair of cleats you can think of, and nothing even comes close to how good my feet feel when I wear Ground Ups custom orthotics. Great product, and great staff, definitely recommend these after 2 great years of use!!


College Soccer Player

Ground Up Finally Solved my Foot Pain…

Ground Up finally solved my foot pain with their custom orthotics. I am walking without pain and look forward to running again

Jervis B


Awesome Shoes!!!

Awesome shoes! I feel like I’m walking on air with my right knee replacement!

Peggy M.


Love, Love, Love My Custom Arch Supports!

I love to run, but have always had knee pain from playing college basketball. Ground Up Athletics made me custom fabricated arch supports for my running shoes. I also got some amazing running shoes from them. Ever since I have been running with both my new shoes and custom arch supports, I no longer have to ice my knee after every run and have not experience any knee pain! It's amazing what the right shoe support can do. Thank you again Ground Up Athletics for helping me be as active as I want with no pain.

Carol E