Custom Molded Arch Supports | Houston, Texas

Unlike any other retail shoe stores in the Houston, Texas area, Ground Up Athletics offers medical grade custom molded arch supports. Custom molded arch supports provide structural support, shock absorption, and decrease fatigue. They may be beneficial to customers suffering from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bunions, neuroma, pronation/supination, metatarsalgia, ACL/MCL reconstruction, chondromalacia, all types of muscular imbalances, or general foot pain.

Custom Insoles for Dress Shoes in Houston, TX

Are you on your feet all day and looking for the best insoles in Houston, Texas? Well custom insoles are not just for running shoes, but can be used for work boots, dress shoes, or sneakers. Let the experts at Ground Up Athletics mold custom inserts tailored to your...
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Arch Supports for Shoes Houston, TX

Ground Up Athletics provides Houston, Texas with professionally fit athletic shoes,  custom molded arch supports, athletic apparel, and high performance socks.  If you struggle with sore feet, then you need to come check out our Dream insoles.  Come by our place and...
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Custom Molded Insoles | High Arch Supports Houston, Texas

Ground Up Athletics specializes in custom molded arch supports and insoles in Houston, Texas.  We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive orthopedic services to include: shoe arch support, high arch supports, orthotic inserts,  custom fit insoles, and custom insoles...
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